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Query: what are the concerns with E10 petrol and water for classic cars?
With the extended lay-up of many classic cars because of the lockdown, concerns over moisture getting into fuel in tanks may arise. Tony Lake explains the issues and highlights some myths in a concise note. He also suggests reading "Fuel for Thought", first published in the Spring 2013 issue of Motoring Classics by BMH Ltd (Witney) and copies of the reports on E10 from EPA (the US Environmental Protection Agency) and Mercury Marine. Article
Query: I want to buy a classic MG, what checks should I make when I see a car for sale? Are there any guides to how best to search for and inspect cars seen offered for sale?
The Club has a website packed with information and advice on buying and selling an MG. The website also has much more, not least how to buy safely. Visit
Query: how do I check the age of my tyres? What information is available on the tyre wall markings?
A DOT code on the tyre wall shows 2 digits for the week of the year plus 2 digits for the year
. See an illustrated article. More
Query: my twin 6 volt batteries in my MGB are nearing replacement and I am thinking of a single 12 volt upgrade. What are the options and how is the modification made?
The modifications are not difficult for most enthusiasts to undertake and the cost is less than replacing tired twin 6V batteries with another pair of the same 6Vs
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Query: I am looking for information on how classic car components work. Is there a book or other source of information I can get hold of?
One useful source of information is in How Cars Work by Fuzz Townshend which covers more than 40 classic car components with diagrams. Copies
Query: I need to replace my wiper blades for my MGB I am looking for a set in satin black and would welcome any guidance of which type to go for.
See an illustrated note.
Query: I would like to have the option of intermittent wipers on my MG, how can that be done? I have heard this upgrade can be done in a subtle way and would welcome any information of any kits that are available and how you install the modification.
See an illustrated article.
Query: how do I top up my SU carburettors? I have heard it's useful to do this so how do I do it and what oil do I use?
See an illustrated article.
Query: what way do you suggest for bleeding my brakes? Many MG enthusiasts have sought help from their wife or partner to pump the brake pedal whilst they have been bleeding their brakes. Is there a kit I could use?
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Query: what's involved with fitting a Battery Master Switch to an MGB? Why do some MG enthusiasts fit them, where do you get the parts and how do you carry out the job?
See an illustrated two page article. More
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