Where to sell an MG?
Classifieds adverts in Safety Fast!
Classified adverts in the Club's 100 page full colour monthly magazine reach over 11,000 regular readers.
& Register classifieds
Classic car magazine classifieds
Advertising your car in the leading classic car magazines reaches their wide readership and many potential MG buyers. More
Commission sale with a specialist MG trader
An attractive way of selling your car which gets the visibility of the trader's showroom and adverts and avoids the hassle of dealing with buyers visiting you to view and test drive the car. More & Traders
Selling at auction
Classic car auction houses attract serious buyers and enthusiasts at their auctions so sales are achieved. See our auction guide. More
Selling: auction or commission sale?
Comparing the costs and benefits of each option. More
Auction an MG on eBay
The popularity of eBay car auctions is growing and classic cars appear regularly. Steve James' amazing website called MG AUCTIONWATCH enables you to home in on eBay MG adverts with minimum effort.
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