Just bought a car and plan to SORN it? - then take great care, the DVLA's SORN procedures could catch you out!

An existing SORN stops when there is a change of ownership.

New keepers should make a SORN declaration via the paper based SORN V890 application form.

This useful news item comes from the Federation of British Historic Vehicles Clubs (FBHVC) Newsletter No 6, 2009 (8.12.09)
Declaring SORN on a newly acquired vehicle
If you have just acquired a vehicle that is subject to a SORN, a recent case has indicated that the online SORN system should not be used to declare the initial SORN under your new ownership. This is because of the way in which the SORN legislation and the online SORN system operated by DVLA works.

If a vehicle is being taxed, then it is perfectly normal for the new owner to take over the unexpired period of tax. However, the SORN period starts at the beginning of a month, and then stops when there is a change in ownership. The online SORN system can only start a period of a SORN at the start of the month, and then stops that SORN when the ownership changes.

A SORN cannot be made online within the month of registering as keeper.

If you have acquired a vehicle, and you are going to declare SORN, as well as filling in the V5C to register the change of ownership, (or V62 if V5/V5C was missing) it is essential that you fill in a V890, (SORN form) as well. The V890 SORN form is available for download online from www.direct.gov.uk, or should be available from a main Post Office. Staple these forms together, and send them to DVLA Swansea, SA99 1AR. A word of caution - we suggest that it is always wise to make copies of these forms before sending them off and send them recorded delivery too.

You should receive written confirmation of the SORN declaration within four weeks. If no acknowledgement letter is received then the DVLA instructions are that you must contact Customer Enquiries Group on 0870 240 0010 immediately.

In summary, new keepers should make a SORN declaration via the paper based SORN V890 application form.

Making a SORN declaration online

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