Buying guides and other articles
View a definitive guide together with other articles. More
So you want to buy a Vintage MG?
A detailed model review and buying guide to the Vintage MG models which put MGs. The article was contributed by Doug Harris. More
Buying an MG in 1929
John Day takes you back to 1929 and how the motoring press was both amazed and delighted by the new MG Six Sports and the MG Midget. More
Who wants to buy an 18/80?
Peter Jones reports no less than three 18/80 were for sale or under offer. More
My MG - a 1929 MG 18/80
John Day has a cautionary tale of seeking more power for his 18/80. More
Contacting the Vintage Register
See the MG Car Club website for the current contacts. More
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