So you want to buy a Triple-M car?
A detailed four part model review and buying guide to the Triple-M cars which put MGs on the map in the 1930s with their succession of race and record breaking exploits. The articles were contributed by Philip Bayne-Powell in late 2008/early 2009.
Part 1 - The Midgets
Philip looks at the M Type and C Type. More
Part 2 - The Midgets
Philip looks at the D Type, J Type and P Type Midgets as well as spares, originality and prices for these 4-cylinder Midgets. More
Part 3 - The Magnas and Magnettes
Philip looks at the 6-cylinder models - the F Type, K Type and L Type. More
Part 4 - The Magnas and Magnettes
In the final part Philip looks at the N Type, then considers whether to buy a car to restore or one already restored, the benefits and background to supercharging MGs and finally the difficult area of replicas, fakes and copies. More
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