V8 powered MGBs - profiles
MGBGTV8 Conversions
The variety of V8 Conversions is extraordinary in terms of interior trim and equipment specification. They are built to order by a number of V8 specialists in the UK and overseas, and of course by many V8 enthusiasts for their own use.
V8 Roadster Conversions
The availability of new MGB bodyshells from the BMH body plant at Faringdon in Berkshire (now at Witney in Oxfordshire) has encouraged many V8 enthusiasts to build an MGBV8 Conversion - particularly V8 Roadsters which have become the fastest growing part of the V8 Register. Profile
MGBGTV8 rubber bumper
The rubber bumpered MGBGTV8 appeared from late 1974 - a modification that was necessary across the MG sports car range to meet front impact requirements. The V8 in both chrome or rubber bumpers has an effortless performance with a modest but purposeful exhaust note. MGBGTV8 profile
MGBGTV8 chrome bumper
Launched in August 1973, the V8 powered MGB produced by the Abingdon Factory was a remarkable, low budget project which combined the popular fixed head coupe body style with a powerful three and half litre light alloy V8 engine. It is now an established classic sports car. MGBGTV8 profile
Costello V8 MGB Roadster & MGBGT
Ken Costello began supplying his conversions which squeezed a V8 into MGB Roadster and MGBGT shells from 1970. He eventually converted over 200. The early cars have the distinctive Costello power bulge in the bonnet. An imaginative package ahead of its time. Costello MGBV8 profile
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